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Moxell Launches Proview, MAG CE Brands

Lincolnshire, Ill. – With plans to launch a line of Motorola-branded consumer electronics products on hold, Moxell Technology announced the launch of new consumer electronics lines under the Proview and MAG brands for the fall selling season.

Moxell, a subsidiary of Hong Kong-based Proview International Holdings which controls the Proview and MAG-brands, will begin to ship the new lines in the Americas in September.

Initial products under the Proview brand will include LCD and plasma flat-panel televisions, DLP-based rear-projection HDTV monitors, digital and analog CRT TVs and high performance digital cameras.

The MAG line, which will launch shortly after Proview, will initially include 14- and 20-inch LCD TVs, before expanding with additional products next year, said Rick Calacci, Moxell president.

Product details and pricing are expected to be announced in coming days, but Calacci said the goods “are on the water as we speak and headed for our distribution facilities in Garden Grove (Calif.)”.

The Proview line will be positioned as a bridge between tier-one and tier-two product lines, offering top performance and quality at prices significantly lower than prominent Japanese and Korean brands.

Distribution for the line will primarily target independent retailers, using a distributors and sales reps. The MAG line will focus more on mass merchant distribution.

Calacci said the Proview line will enable dealers to enjoy average margins of around 25 points, and the company will ensure that the line is not overly distributed to better ensure against price erosion.

Moxell still intends to market an elite line of products under the Motorola brand, but the initial product launch planned for this year was postponed “for a variety of reasons,” he said.

At the same time, Moxell is negotiating for the use of other prominent brand names it can use to market products produced by its extensive network of Asian factories.

“As a global premium-brand marketing company, Moxell is in a position to offer corporations a unique and effective range of services and solutions to expand the reach of their brands in the consumer electronics space and beyond,” said Rick Calacci, Moxell Technology president. “Our strengths include targeted U.S. market-driven CE product development, comprehensive sales and marketing, customer support, warranty fulfillment and more, with a business model that allows us to literally serve as a bridge between manufacturers and retailers.”

In other Moxell news, the company said it has officially opened its new research and development center in Mahwah, NJ. Calacci said the facility will take products produced in Asia and refine them for the tastes and needs of the American market.