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Monster Power Rolls Out Alkaline Battery Line

Brisbane, Calif. – Monster Cable’s Monster Power segment has introduced a complete line of alkaline batteries.

Monster Cable, a maker of CE and PC cables, began offering rechargeable power cells in 2001. The company said its success with the rechargeables led to development of the alkaline types, which include all the popular sizes – AA, AAA, C, D, 9V and special C and D Boom Box Power Bar Alkaline PowerCell Battery Packs.

Monster is featuring two performance levels in AA batteries. Ultra Gold Alkaline PowerCells is a gold flash, negative/positive battery with 35 percent more power than standard alkaline cells, according to the company. The gold contacts resist corrosion, thus enhancing connection to a consumer electronics product. Ultra Gold is available only in the AA size.

A second performance level is found in Monster High Capacity Alkaline PowerCells, which are said to deliver 25 percent more power than standard alkaline types. A full range of popular sizes is available, and these come in various popular quantities, including 20-packs, 8-packs and 4-packs.

Ultra Gold AAs include 4-packs at a suggested $6.95 retail and 8-packs for a suggested $10.95.

In the High Capacity types, AAA 4-packs are $5.95 suggested retail and 8-packs are $9.95. AA cells have the same priced 4- and 8-packs, while a 20-pack has a suggested $17.95 retail.

High Capacity C cells are $8.95 suggested retail for a 4-pack; Ds go for $10.95. The 9V 2-pack is $7.95, while the Boom Box C 8-packs are $14.99 and D 8-packs are $19.99.