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Monster Joins Shuffle Scuffle

Brisbane, Calif. — Monster became the latest headphones supplier to announce its intention to integrate control functions for Apple’s new third-generation iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver into its headphone models.

The company said today that it will add on-cord control to its Beats by Dr. Dre line of high-definition headphones, its Turbine In-Ear Speakers line as well as other upcoming models.

Monster will also introduce an adapter for adding VoiceOver control to any headphone model.

“Monster’s iPod products are all about helping users maximize their musical experiences,” noted Kevin Lee, marketing strategy and business development VP. “We created our entire headphone line because we truly believe that sound matters to the enjoyment of music. We’re thrilled to be able to complement the new iPod Shuffle with easy-to-use control features built into our headphones so customers can enjoy the high-quality Monster audio experience they’ve come to expect.”

The new Shuffle’s VoiceOver feature can speak song titles, artists and playlist names with the press of a button on the headphone controls. It can also announce status information, such as the time and battery life.