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Monster Goes Gaga

Berlin – Monster announced at IFA its latest additions to the headphones

These included the Heartbeats by Lady Gaga,
which are part of the Beats by Dr. Dre line.
Billed by the company as serving as both high-quality headphones and a fashion
accessory, the Heartbeats come in three versions: a metal body with rose red
jewel-shaped earpiece, a metal body with all-chrome jewel-shaped earpiece, and
a black-on-black body and jewel-shaped earpiece design.

Other features include Monster’s
ControlTalk headphone cable, which reportedly has an integrated microphone and answer
button, allowing users to access music and answer calls without having to reach
into their pocket.

All of the Heartbeats come with a
tangle-free cable, a red carrying case and various ear tips.

They will be available in October, with
prices ranging from $99.95 to $149, according to Monster. 

Monster also announced the on-ear Beats
Solo headphones ($219 suggested retail, available in November).

Head monster Noel Lee said in a statement:
“There were significant challenges in the creation of Beats Solo, including how
to achieve really great sound from a small speaker driver. This required
serious innovation and creative audio engineering. We were also challenged to
take the familiar Beats design and morph it into something smaller and more
compact, yet still recognizably ‘Beats.’ “

As with the Heartbeats, the Beats Solo also
feature Monster’s ControlTalk.

Further specs were not provided.