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MoCA 2.0 Wi-Fi Extender Launches

San Diego – Semiconductor maker Entropic has teamed with Netgear to introduce what they call “the first MoCA 2.0 certified product on the market” – the Netgear WM2500RP MoCA-to-Wi-Fi extender.

Available now through service providers, the extender is said to improve whole-home video and data coverage with more than 400 Mbps of usable throughput in basic mode and 500 Mbps in Turbo mode; while providing end-users with a reliable wired backbone for the distribution throughout the home of Ultra HD media, low latency online and cloud gaming, over-the-top (OTT)/Internet content and wireless entertainment.

MoCA, from the Multimedia over Coax Alliance, is a technology standard for the connected home enabling whole home distribution of high definition video and over existing in-home coaxial cabling.

The MoCA 2.0 standard supports both basic and enhanced versions, with up to 400 Mbps and 800 Mbps net throughputs (MAC), using 700 Mbps and 1.4 Gbps PHY rates, respectively. Turbo Mode yields 1Gbps net throughput and the operating frequency range is 500 to 1,650 MHz

The previous MoCA 1.1 standard supports 175 Mbps net throughputs (275 Mbps PHY rate) and operates in the 500 to 1,650 MHz frequency range.

The Netgear WM2500RP leverages Entropic’s EN2710 MoCA 2.0 chipset, offering MAC, PHY, RF transceiver and RF front-end functionality.

The device includes low-power modes and is backward interoperable with prior MoCA versions (MoCA 1.1 and 1.0).

“Leveraging our MoCA 2.0 silicon and software, Netgear brings to market a powerful networking solution that allows consumers to use the coax wired backbone for online gaming and streaming HD, Ultra HD and IP-based video to primary client set-top boxes and secondary screens like mobile devices without any interruptions or buffering – anywhere within the home,” said Al Servati, Entropic marketing VP.

“By delivering the first certified MoCA 2.0 product to market we continue to demonstrate our leadership and commitment to the MoCA standard,” said Naveen Chhangani, Netgear service provider business product management director. “We used Entropic’s MoCA 2.0 solution to give consumers the most powerful, reliable device to stream and optimize content viewing their way, any way and on any device in the home.”

Key features of the WM2500RP include: a WPS button; dual-band, dual concurrent Wi-Fi N600; gigabit ethernet connectivity; plug-and-play set-up; seamless connectivity with any MoCA 2.0 or MoCA 1.1 compliant device; remote management; and compatibility with any standard MoCA compliant gateway or adapter.