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Microsoft Embeds Retail Photofinishing in XP

Redmond, Washington —, Microsoft and Fujifilm announced last week a partnership that places Fujifilm’s Get The Picture Online retail digital printing service into Windows XP’s online print wizard, MSN Photos service and Microsoft Digital Image Suite.

The move lets Windows XP users order photo prints from Fujifilm Get the Picture Online partner retail locations directly from their desktop. Those prints can either be picked up in-store or be mailed directly back to the consumer.

Current participating retailers include Ritz Camera and Sam’s Club, among others. According to Fujifilm, Get the Picture Online boasts of 5,000 active store locations.

Fujifilm will join Kodak’s Ofoto and Shutterfly as Microsoft’s online print fulfillment partners. The aforementioned sites produce the prints themselves in central facilities and mail them back to consumers, they do not route the prints to retail locations.

Get the Picture Online is also being incorporated into MSN Photos and Microsoft’s Digital Image Suite 10 consumer imaging software.