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MERA Partners With Revenew

North Andover,
Mass. – MERA, the Mobile Electronics Retailers Association, has reached an
agreement with Revenew to deploy its Channel Networking platform to benefit
MERA supplier and retail members.

The agreement was
finalized at KnowledgeFest, MERA’s trade-only exhibit and seminar show held
Aug. 28-30 in Dallas.

ROL (Revenew Online)
helps product suppliers market through the suppliers’ resellers by providing
marketing services and support. In its role with MERA, the company will
establish a single platform that suppliers and retailers can use to more easily
convey product information to consumers, the trade group said.

“Obviously, our
goal here is to increase sales through the retail channel,” said Chris Cook,
MERA president. “The problem with this has always been accommodating different
methods for different retailers in different markets. Revenew brin

gs us a single system we can use to send a manufacturer’s
message to a group of retailers, and through to their customers, and have it be
effective. In our efforts to increase consumer awareness and bring more customers
through our retailers’ doors, this will be a great tool.”

As part of the
program, MERA members that agree to participate will have access to Revenew
Online, a website that will host suppliers marketing programs and facilitate
funding of retail marketing activities by those suppliers. In addition, Revenew
will provide training and support to retail members to help them best take
advantage of supplier programs.

MERA will be
announcing more details on the Revenew program later this month.