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Memorex Offering Next Generation DVD-R Media Line

Memorex Products, distributor of Memorex-brand media, is offering a second generation of DVD Recordable media.

In tandem with the significant DVD recording drive introductions this year, Memorex is offering media that will be compatible in these new devices that utilize either DVD-R or DVD-RAM blank media formats.

The DVD version of the product holds 4.7GB of data packaged in a single configuration at a suggested $19.99 retail. The DVD-R disc is a single-sided General Use type with write-once capability.

Of the two types of DVD-R media — General Use or Authoring — General Use will be compatible with most new Video DVD-recorder/players and newer DVD-R computer writers.

Authoring type media requires a finer width reading and writing laser and is not compatible with General Use media.

Memorex DVD-R 4.7GB packages are clearly marked General Use 650 Nanometer for the laser width and 120 Minute Video, indicating the recording time capacity of standard or NTSC video.

The DVD-RAM products are offered in a single-sided 4.7GB and double-sided 9.4GB formats. Both are packaged in single configurations and carry suggested retails of $34.99 and $39.99, respectively.

The 4.7GB DVD-RAM media is contained in a Type 2 cartridge, denoting that it is removable. The 9.4GB DVD-RAM version us contained in a Type 1 cartridge and is designed for drives that accommodate usage with the enclosure.