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MeCam HD Unveiled For Crowd-Funding

Miami — Point-of-view action video camera manufacturer MeCam introduced Wednesday its ultra-compact MeCam HD.

The diminutive camera shoots FullHD 1080p video, includes built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, weighs 2.5 ounces and measures 2 inches by 2 inches.

MeCam HD features a high-grade glass lens.

The built-in Wi-Fi support allows viewing recording in real time and sharing content with smartphones and tablets.

 Other features include a three-axis internal gyroscope for image stabilization, still photo shooting in one-shot and three-time burst options, and three different time lapse options for activities such as life-logging.

Also included is a button to capture 15 seconds of video for seamless Instagram upload and another button to take 5 seconds of video for Vine.

MeCam has also partnered with HighlightCam for a proprietary video-editing solution. The program works by singling out the “highlights” of the footage and shoots back a fully edited video.

MeCam is working to incorporate this technology into the MeCam app so users can submit their footage and receive back an edited video, all through their phone. Once incorporated, users will also have access to this through the MeCam site, where they can take edited footage and share it with friends and family.

The two wearable brackets, the clip bracket and the safety pin bracket, provide various creative options in which to wear/attach the MeCam HD to different clothing and subjects, the company said.

The MeCam HD also includes a neck strap. MeCam said it will be releasing other mounting and casing options, including a universal camera mount for tripods and an attachable waterproof case.

“Everyone has a story to tell,” said MeCam founder and CEO Drew Martin. “When I created the first MeCam, I thought people just wanted something niche and novelty and that is what how our first MeCam was designed. I soon realized that many of our users wanted something a bit higher end that is feature-rich, and that was why we developed the MeCam HD. We believe with both lines we are providing the consumer with great options in which to document their life.”

MeCam is launching the MeCam HD through the crowd-funding resource Dragon Innovation.

 Dragon is a venture-backed outlet that ensures hardware projects are ready to execute before funding. MeCam said that unlike other platforms, Dragon works with companies before, during and after the funding campaigns in order to ensure the product is delivered.

“I decided to do an unusual sort of launch because of how great I found Dragon Innovation to be,” said Martin. “I’ve been working on bringing MeCam HD to market since I started getting feedback on the original, and Dragon Innovation is a way to do it faster while offering our customers special pre-launch pricing, and the chance to join and support MeCam as we continue our journey.”

The MeCam HD is now live. With 30 days remaining, MeCam HD’s goal is set at $70,000.

The product pricing schedule is as follows:

Early Bird MeCam – Dragon Innovation: $170               

HD MeCam – Dragon Innovation: $200                     

HD MeCam HD Double Trouble – Dragon Innovation: $380              

MeCam HD Reseller Starter Pack (100 units) – Dragon Innovation: $18,000.