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Martian Expanding Smart-Watch Distribution

IRVINE, CALIF. — Martian Watches continues to expand distribution of its voice-controlled smart watches.

The company’s $299 smart watches, available in two styles and multiple colors, have become available through Amazon, joining such retailers as AT&, select AT&T stores, and More brick-and-mortar retailers are in the works, a spokesperson said.

The two styles are the Martian Passport, positioned as an upscale executive watch, and the Martian Victory, a more casual-looking watch. Both $299 smart watches feature a microphone and speaker to conduct voice calls through a Bluetoothpaired Apple or Android phone. Users can also read or hear text messages, and they can use the voice-command functions integrated into their smartphones to respond to emails from their wrists, set calendar appointments and notifications, control music, search the web and set reminders.

The Martian Watch face contains an OLED with a scrolling readout that displays caller ID or an incoming text messages. The watches also feature vibration and LED alerts.

With the Martian app for both Android and iOS, users can customize incoming notifications from Facebook, Twitter, weather and email. An onboard accelerometer allows users to send an incoming call to voicemail by shaking their wrist. The watch also remotely controls a smartphone’s camera shutter.