Marantz Adds To 2-Channel Hi-Fi Series


Mahwah, N.J. - Marantz added a new CD player and integrated stereo amp to its Hi-Fi series of more affordable two-channel audio components.

The $599-suggested PM6004 integrated amplifier and $499 CD6004 CD player are said to incorporate technology from the brand's top-end Reference series of two-channel components, which includes CD/SACD players from a suggested $1,999 to $5,999, a $2,499 integrated amp, stereo amps, and a $1,499 turntable.

 Unlike the Hi-Fi series' only other CD player at $349, the CD6004 CD player features a USB port, which is on the front panel. The USB streams music from an iPod, iPhone, USB drive or connected hard drive. Like the lower-priced model, the CD6004 CD player plays MP3/WMA CDs and displays metadata and CD Text.

 The new CD player features the Reference series' Hyper Dynamic Amplifier Modules (HDAMs) to reproduce music with what the company said is "an ideal balance of bass, midrange and treble for a digital listening experience that could easily be mistaken for analog." Other technologies used to enhance sonic performance are a current buffer design and symmetrical circuit layout. Features include IR flasher input, optical and coaxial digital outputs, double-layered bottom plate to prevent vibrations, and a front panel made from aluminum and glass-reinforced resin to resist resonances.

The new $599 integrated amp joins $449- and $999-suggested integrated amps in the Hi-Fi series. Its power output was not announced, nor is it available on the brand's web site, but the other two models are rated on the web site at 2x45 watts into 4 ohms and 2x100 watts into 4 ohms. Both are 8-ohm-stable.

As with Marantz's Reference amplifiers, the new PM6004 integrated amp features Torroidal transformer, current-feedback amplification and HDAM circuitry. It also features five line inputs, two line outputs, all-discrete moving magnet phono stage, and discrete preamp- and amp circuits.


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