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Magellan Stressing Driver Safety In New PNDs

Santa Clara, Calif. – Magellan plans September shipments of
a step-up series of RoadMate portable navigation devices (PNDs) that include
the company’s first PNDs with a Bluetooth safe-texting feature.

The new models, due in September with displays of 4.3 inches
and 5 inches, also expand the numbers of SKUs with a portrait-mode option and
compatibility with optional wireless backup camera.

All five new models, priced at a suggested $159 to $199,
feature optional portrait mode, joining one other model in the RoadMate line
with that feature. Two of the new models feature backup camera capability,
joining multiple car, RV and truck PNDs compatible with the camera. Two models
are the company’s first with Bluetooth Safe Texting.

Bluetooth Safe Texting lets drivers respond to a call with one
of two pre-written text messages via Bluetooth-equipped cellphone. One message informs
the caller that the recipient is driving and will call back later. The second
message includes the vehicle’s location and estimated time of arrival to its destination.

Portrait mode gives drivers the option of seeing expanded
roadway details about what is ahead on the road, while the landscape option
provides more details about the roadways around them. The latter is said to be more
suitable for city driving.

The company’s $149 wireless backup camera lets drivers see
what is behind the vehicle when in reverse-mode.

The new RoadMate devices also feature Lifetime Traffic,
Landmark Guidance, Traffic Camera Alerts, Junction View,,
Magellan-exclusive OneTouch menu and AAA TourBook POI information.

The five new models join seven RoadMate models launched in
May. All were the company’s first with Landmark Guidance, Traffic Camera
Alerts, Best Parking and Junction View. Their suggested retails ranged from $99
to $169 at launch.

The five new models include the $159 RoadMate 2240T-LM with 4.3-inch
display, portrait mode and lifetime map updates. The RoadMate 2255T-LMB with
4.3-inch screen offers those features and adds Bluetooth Safe Texting. The RoadMate
5240T-LM features a 5-inch screen, lifetime map updates and portrait mode. The 5255T-LM
features a 5-inch screen, lifetime maps, portrait mode and wireless backup camera
compatibility. And the $169 5265T-LMB with 5-inch screen offers those functions
and adds Bluetooth Safe Texting.

Additional features on all five models include Lifetime
Traffic, Landmark Guidance, Traffic Camera Alerts, Junction View, and Magellan-exclusive OneTouch menu and AAA TourBook.

Landmark Guidance tells drivers to turn at familiar
landmarks such as gas stations, stores or other large, easily-seen places
instead of only by street name. Traffic Camera Alerts warn drivers about
upcoming red light and speed cameras on their route. Junction View displays a
realistic image of the road ahead and highway signs and shows drivers the
correct lane to use to merge or exit. helps drivers locate parking garages and
hours of operation. OneTouch enables drivers to bookmark and assign a button to
favorite destinations or searches. The AAA TourBook includes descriptions and
rating for restaurants, hotels and attractions.