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Magellan Launches PND With Integrated Dash Cam

Santa Clara, Calif. – Navigation supplier Magellan entered the dash cam market with the launch of the $229-suggested RoadMate 6230-LM Dashcam Navigator, which could be the first portable navigation device (PND) with an integrated dash cam.

The device will be available on Shop HQ, HSN and in April and through Best Buy stores, and Amazon in May.

The dash cam’s DVR records video to a memory card, which overwrites previously recorded video when full. When an impact of sudden changes in motion or speed is detected by a built-in G-sensor, the dash cam automatically locks video before and after the incident to prevent erasure.

The unit features 120-degree wide-angle viewing. The G-sensor detects sudden motion or speed changes caused by such events as sharp braking, rapid acceleration, excessive cornering or sudden impacts, the company said.

The 5-inch screen displays maps with navigation instructions or live video feeds of the view through the windshield or from a connected backup camera.

Key PND features include landmark guidance, free lifetime map updates, junction-view lane guidance and red-light camera alerts.