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Lyra Exposes Digicam Gender Gap

Newtonville, Mass. — If men are from Mars and women from Venus, a new study from Lyra Research suggests those Martian landscapes are being shot with Canon digital cameras while Venus’ sulfuric acid clouds are being captured with Kodak cameras.

More than 20 percent of women surveyed by Lyra said they used a Kodak camera, while Canon topped the list for men with 17 percent. Conversely, Kodak ranked fourth among male users, with 10 percent; while Canon ranked second among women users, with 12 percent of respondents saying it was their brand of choice.

According to Lyra, women also prefer printing directly from their camera or from a docking station — technologies which both Kodak and Canon offer to varying degrees.

In explaining the lady’s preference for Kodak, Lyra’s president Charles LeCompte attributed it to a lower comfort level with technology and a corresponding attraction to “trusted brands.”