Logitech Prices Revue At $299, Teams With Dish

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New York - Logitech revealed the price and further details of its Revue set-top box for use with Google TV, including that it was teaming up with Dish Network.

Logitech's Revue will help viewers access the myriad of content available to them by Dish, the Internet and on their own storage devices, said Junien Labrousse, Logitech's executive VP of products.

The $299 Revue is paired with a newly developed wireless keyboard featuring Logitech's Harmony remote control technology enabling the remote to control a home's A/V systems and access the web. The remote will be sold separately for $99. A smaller remote that has the same functionality as the keyboard remote is optional for $129.

All three are now available for pre-order from






starting today with shipment taking place in late October.

A user's iPhone or Android-based phone can also be used as a Revue controller via a downloadable app.

The Revue uses a new Google search application called Google TV Search that prioritizes search requests for video on the web, what is stored locally on the home network and through Dish Network.

In addition, the Revue allows for a Google search bar to appear at the top of the screen no matter what content is being viewed. In addition, there is a dual view mode that minimizes the program being watched and brings up a browser in the remaining portion of the screen.

The Revue will work with set-top boxes from other television service providers, but it will not be able to access the content stored on a non-Dish DVR, said Labrousse.

Labrousse refused to comment on when Dish's exclusive arrangement with Logitech ends, nor would he say if TV manufactures would incorporate the technology directly into TVs.

Mike Kelly, Dish Network's executive VP said a future version of Dish's set-top box would include the Revue technology.

Logitech is also promoting the Revue as the centerpiece for a webcam-based video calling system. Logitech has developed a new HD webcam for use specifically with the Revue, said Labrousse. This webcam, $149, has a wider field of view so it can be used in a living room setting.

Logitech and Google also expect many third-party apps to be developed for the Revue and these will be available on Google's Android app store sometime next year. -

Additional reporting by Doug Olenick


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