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LG Tips Hand On CES OLED TVs

Seoul, South Korea — LG Electronics (LG) continued to let most of its 2014 International CES cats out of its proverbial bag over New Years day, this time pre-announcing plans to show an assortment of new Ultra HD OLED TVs and screen sizes.

As previously announced, the highlight of the advanced TV showcase what is expected to be the first-of-its-kind 77-inch Ultra HD curved-screen OLED set (model 77EC9800).

Other curved-screen OLED models planned for display include the 55- and 65-inch screen sizes, plus LG’s first flat-OLED set in the 55-inch Gallery series FullHD series, model 55EB9600. That set features a picture frame design that makes the set resemble a framed work of fine art.

“All of the exceptional OLED models we’re showcasing at CES 2014 offer the ultimate in picture quality and refined, modern aesthetics,” stated In-kyu Lee, LG Home Electronics TV Division senior VP. “Driving the evolution of television into the next generation, LG will continue to employ its technological and design expertise to bring impressive OLED TVs to market.”

According to the Korean release, the new 55-, 65- and 77-inch Ultra HD curved OLED TVs will combine LG’s proprietary WRGB OLED technology and 4K Ultra HD screen resolution (3840-by-2160 pixels).

The color temperature of each pixel on the 77-inch display is automatically controlled by the LG Color Refiner, ensuring consistency and balance, the company said. The TV’s infinite contrast ratio is controlled by a High Dynamic Range (HDR) algorithm.

Other features in the flagship set include Ultra Cinema 3D film-type patterned retarder (FPR) technology for Ultra HD resolution.

The set also includes Tru-Ultra HD Engine Pro upscaling of SD, HD or Full HD content to near-4K picture quality.

The TV also incorporates Motion Estimation Motion Compensation (MEMC) to make the onscreen action appear smoother, clearer and more realistic.

LG said the new Ultra HD sets will decode broadcast signals in both H.264 and HEVC H.265 formats, at 30p or 60p, using a built-in decoder that will accept signals from external devices connected via the TV’s HDMI, USB or LAN ports.

The elegant frame design of the Gallery OLED TV includes a Canvas Speaker, concealing a 2.2-channel, 100W forward-facing sound system.

The EA8800 series model include “a unique” eGallery feature with a variety of display modes that can be activated to create a specific mood. A Gallery Mode, for example, turns the TV into a picture frame displaying some of the world’s most famous works of art while Healing & Remembering Mode “helps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere through mood-lifting sounds and images,” the company said.

LG’s latest curved OLED TV, the 55EB9600, is made with more recyclable materials and fewer parts than its predecessor. The set has received a CES 2014 Innovations Award for its eco-friendly design.