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LG Mobile DTV System To Debut

Chicago — LG’s Zenith Electronics unit and broadcast equipment manufacturer Harris have developed a system to extend over-the-air digital ATSC TV broadcasts for mobile reception.

The in-band mobile DTV technology, called the MPH (Mobile-Pedestrian-Handheld) in-band mobile DTV system, will debut at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention April 14-19 in Las Vegas.

LG, whose Zenith unit developed the 8-VSB (Vestigial Side Band) modulation technology used in the digital terrestrial ATSC broadcast system, said the technology offers broadcasters “the potential to create new markets and revenue streams.”

The MPH system is a multiple-stream approach, with the main service stream for existing DTV and HDTV services, and the MPH stream for one or more mobile, pedestrian and/or handheld services. The system was designed to be backward compatible with existing ATSC 8-VSB transmissions and receiving equipment, while offering the ability to receive broadcast signals at high (mobile) speed with a single antenna. It will also allow use of practical, small handheld receivers without the need for multiple antennas, and delivers power savings in handheld receivers, LG said.

The MPH system also does not involve outside service providers or spectrum-pooling arrangements.

It will be competing for acceptance with the A-VSB mobile DTV system proposed by Samsung and Sinclair Broadcasting. That system was demonstrated at last year’s NAB and at International CES.

“MPH is designed to deliver the Mobile-Pedestrian-Handheld applications that digital TV broadcasters are seeking,” stated Dr. Jong Kim, president of LG’s Zenith R&D Lab, which collaborated with the LG DTV Lab in Seoul and with Harris Broadcast Communications Division on the development of the system. “We believe broadcasters will appreciate both the superior performance and unparalleled flexibility of our MPH system.”

Tim Thorsteinson, president of Harris Broadcast Communications said, “The results of our joint development with LG Electronics are in response to our customers’ interest in a compelling, in-band mobile solution. The versatile, robust MPH system is the first that strikes the right balance for broadcasters looking to deliver both high-definition programming to fixed receivers and standard-definition programming and datacasting to mobile and handheld devices.”

The technology will be exhibited at both the Harris booth (N2502, Las Vegas Convention Center) and the Advanced Television Systems Committee “Hot Spot” (South Hall upper lobby).

During the NAB convention, in addition to conducting the live mobile demonstrations, LG Electronics, Zenith and Harris will disclose results of field testing under real-world conditions for mobile and handheld services. Further details will be discussed at a joint Harris-LG press conference in Las Vegas on April 15, the eve of the NAB convention.