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LG Display Reveals New 4K TVs

Seoul, South Korea — LG Display revealed Thursday that it will introduce two additional screen sizes of Ultra High-Definition (UHD) LED LCD TVs — 55 and 65 inches — to join its currently available 84-inch set, at International CES in Las Vegas, starting Jan. 7.

The new screen sizes will be demonstrated LG Display’s “private booth” in the Bellagio Hotel Casino during show week, LG said.

“We are relentlessly pursuing two key drivers that represent the future of the display industry, resolution and design,” stated Sang-Beom Han, LG Displays president and CEO. “The products exhibited at CES 2013 reaffirm both our reputation as the field’s leading innovator, as well as ability to deliver market-winning solutions to customers around the world.”

LG Display said it will use the show to “focus on the themes of high picture quality resolution and design minimalism.”

At 3,840 by 2,160, UHD utilizes 8 million pixels or four times the resolution of existing FullHD. With 55- and 65-inch sizes added to 84-inch as part of its UHD lineup, LG Display said it is “poised to dominate the emerging UHD premium display market.”

The UHD displays also integrate the company’s Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) 3D technology.

 In addition to UHD TV displays, the company will unveil a 30-inch 4K-by-2K monitor, which at 4,096 by 2,160 pixels is the highest-resolution computer monitor to date, the company said.

The displays are expected to be helpful in the fields of medicine and design, among others. 

 LG Display will also exhibit a FullHD 5.5-inch smartphone display with 403 pixels per inch (ppi), as well as 7-inch tablet display with resolution of 1,920 by 1200 and 324 ppi. A 12.9-inch laptop panel featuring 2,560 by 1,700 (QSXGA) resolution, previously realized in only 20-inch and larger premium monitors, will also be shown. 

 Also on view will be LG Display’s Narrow Bezel lineup with the next generation of the Neo-Blade series, a 23.8-inch monitor panel with an ultra-narrow bezel, as well as a 13.3-inch laptop panel with a narrower-than-2mm bezel. Also featured will be a 4.7-inch mobile display with an approximately 1mm bezel, providing a solution for users to comfortably grip a large-sized phone in one hand. 

 The company will also return the 55-inch WRGB OLED TV display showcased last year, and has enhanced the technology to weigh 7.7 pounds, one-fifth that of a typical LCD display, and measuring 4mm thin.

In public displays, LG Display will show the world’s first 84-inch UHD Interactive Whiteboard for classrooms, a 47-inch transparent display, a 47-inch high brightness display for outdoor signage use, and a video wall composed of nine 55-inch FPR 3D panels.