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Lexmark Ships New AIOs

New York – Lexmark today introduced and started shipping four all-in-one inkjet printers for the home-office market.

The new line ranges in price from $99 to $199. All incorporate Lexmark’s Vizix ink technology for more efficient ink usage and the top three feature the company’s green Eco mode. Eco mode, with one-touch activation, automates two-sided printing, faxing and copying to save energy and paper.

All four models also have wireless connectivity.

The top-end Interact, $199, is a three-in-one model offering printing, copying and scanning capabilities. The unit features a 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen and can print text at 33ppm and color at 30ppm.

The printer can also connect to photo-sharing sites, which can then be viewed on the display.

The Intuition, $149, has the same print speeds as the Interact, but comes with a smaller 2.4-inch LCD and drops the wireless capability.

The $129 Interpret drops the LCD, and the $99 Impact eliminates the Eco mode.