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Lexar Tapped As Pentax DigiCam Memory Supplier

Fremont, Calif. – Pentax Corp. has selected Lexar Media’s CompactFlash digital film to ship with its new Optio 330 digital camera.

Starting this month, U.S. shipments of the Optio 330 will include a Lexar Media branded premium 16MB USB-enabled Type I CompactFlash digital film card.

Weighing 8.5 ounces with batteries and CompactFlash card, the Optio 330 is one of the smallest digital cameras in the 3-megapixel CCD, 3X optical zoom lens category, measuring 3.6 inches wide, 2.3 inches high and 1.2 inches thick.

‘We are proud to have our product linked with such a well-known and respected photography brand,’ said Eric Stang, Lexar Media president and CEO. ‘I am pleased that PENTAX has chosen Lexar Media’s USB-enabled CompactFlash digital film for the new Optio 330.’

‘The Lexar Media CompactFlash card optimizes the performance capabilities of the Optio 330 and enhances the photographer’s experience by giving consistent and reliable image capture and storage,’ said James Leffel, national sales and marketing manager, Pentax.