LED Driving LCD Growth: Quixel

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Portland, Ore. - LED TV shipments skyrocketed during the second quarter, accounting for nearly all LCD category growth during the period.

According to a new report by Quixel Research, LED unit shipments rose 105 percent in the second quarter over the first quarter of 2010, and increased 875 percent year over year.

 In contrast, the CCFL segment was up only 3 percent in unit volume from the first quarter to the second quarter, and declined 25 percent year over year.

"LED models impacted almost every screen size segment -- positively," said Tamaryn Pratt, principal of the market research firm. "The LED segment was finally in full swing in the second quarter."

 Pratt noted that the leading LED brands have broadened their selection in size and price, and that many opening price-point brands now have their first LED offerings in stores.

"After a full year in the market, there are plenty of choices and consumers like what they see," she said.

Revenue for the LED segment rose 49 percent from quarter to quarter and spiked 312 percent year over year to $1.7 billion, accounting for nearly 40 percent of the total LCD TV category.

Total LCD shipments rose 16 percent quarter to quarter but slipped 5 percent from the year-ago period, while total LCD dollar volume rose 9.8 percent from the first quarter, to $4.5 billion.

 Looking ahead, Quixel is projecting strong LCD demand through the balance of the year despite tough economic conditions, and anticipates continued unit growth through 2013, as large-screen models take an increasing share of the category.


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