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Quixel Report: LCD TV Sales Saw Flat First Quarter

TVs were flat overall in the first quarter of
2010, although models with LED backlighting
and large screen sizes showed
signs of continued growth from the fourth
quarter of 2009, according to a newly released
study from Quixel Research.

The market research firm’s LCD TV
Market Review revealed that volume
and value were down sharply for both
Q1 2009 to Q1 2010 and Q4 2009 to
Q1 2010.

LCD TV value for the category fell
34 percent quarter to quarter to $4.1
billion in Q1 2010, compared with
$6.2 billion in Q4 2009, and was down
21 percent year to year.

Unit sales dropped 40 percent quarter
to quarter and 10 percent year to year.

“It was a tough quarter for the overall
LCD TV category,” said Tamaryn Pratt,
Quixel Research principal. “Traditional
seasonality was in play, but there were
also product transition shortages and
weaker consumer demand coming off
an extremely strong holiday season. Fortunately,
the LED and large-screen sales
results were up dramatically, lending a
positive note in a down quarter.”

For the first time, the LCD TV category
has seen wider availability and
affordability in the 60-inch and larger
screen-size segment, with more than
seven models launched in Q1 2010.

Unit sales almost doubled from Q4
2009 to Q1 2010 for the 60-inch and
larger segment, driving sales growth up
700 percent from Q1 2009 to Q1 2010.

The 55-inch to less-than-60-inch segment
also showed tremendous growth
year to year, Quixel found, with unit shipments
increasing nearly 300 percent.

In keeping with the large-screen models,
LED sales results were up both quarter
to quarter and year to year, growing 44
percent and 1,380 percent respectively.

Most significantly, more 55-inch LED
models were sold into the market than
55-inch CCFL models in Q1 2010.

Quixel said that despite the Q1 2010
decline, Quixel has not altered its fullyear
2010 and beyond forecasts.

Quixel’s projections for the U.S.
LCD TV market in units show the category
growing out to 2013 with largescreen
models taking an increasing
share in the category.