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Kuperman Set To Open New Distribution Firm

Scottsdale, Ariz. –  Bruce
Kuperman, former senior sales VP of DBL Distributing, has formed Direct
Distributing, here, designed to sell accessories to independent retailers.

Kuperman, who left
DBL in May
when it restructured, told TWICE that the new company will be in
operation by Sept. 15 and will serve retailers nationwide.

Joining Kuperman is Michael Balaskovits, former operations senior
VP for DBL before the company was sold to Ingram
in 2007
, and will take on the same role with Direct Distributing.

“Our goal is to service independent retailers and bring them
through a difficult recession,” Kuperman said. “We want to service them the way
they expect to be serviced, and jump thorough hoops for them so they can stay
profitable in these economic times.”

Kuperman noted that Direct Distributing is looking to carry
about eight categories initially, such as Bluetooth, headphones and batteries,
as well as accessories for computers, cellphones, home phones, portable audio
and video.

While Kuperman did not provide details yet on which brand
names Direct Distributing would carry, he did note, “We want new product lines
to differentiate us, such as Wrapsol.”
Marketed by industry veteran Don Patrican, Wrapsol is a maker of an
environmentally friendly clear film that protects a wide variety of CE devices.

Direct Distributing has one warehouse facility, an 18,000-square-foot
warehouse, here, with up to 2,000 square feet of office space. Its Web site,, should be operational on or about the 15th,
Kuperman said.