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Krell Adds Auto Room EQ, Readies BD Player, Amps

Orange, Conn.
– High-end audio supplier


begun offering automatic room equalization for the first time with the shipment
of newly upgraded Evolution 707 surround preamp/processors.

The technology, called Krell Automatic Room Equalization System
(ARES), is also available as a free upgrade to existing 707 owners.

  The 707’s $30,000
suggested retail did not change with the addition of ARES, which uses onscreen
prompts to guide users through the automatic setup and equalization process. ARES
analyzes the speakers’ capabilities, position, phase and distances to determine
crossover points, delay, and volume settings to compensate for room anomalies.
The 707 also gives users the flexibility to optimize response for three
selectable listening positions or for three playback modes: two-channel playback,
movie playback, and casual all-speaker music listening, the company said.

The 12-output, 8.4-channel Evolution 707 decodes all authorized
Blu-ray surround formats, features four HDMI 1.3 inputs, and uses Krell’s
proprietary Evolution Current Audio Signal Transfer (CAST) technology, which
sends audio signals between components in the current domain to eliminate
cable-induced distortion and lower the noise floor to its theoretical minimum.

Upgrades to existing 707 models can be performed by users if only
a firmware upgrade is needed, but some units will also require a hardware
upgrade that dealers or Krell will perform.

In other product developments, the company updated shipment plans
for its new Evolution E series amps, its first Blu-ray player, and a new CD
player, all shown at CES.

The Blu-ray player, the $15,000 Evolution 555, ships
in July or August. It’s a Profile 2.0 BD-Live model with CAST, 1GB of
onboard memory,
SD card for expanded memory, Ethernet port and optional 802.11b/g/n
wireless card.
The 555 also offers a vertical stretch feature for home theaters using 2.35:1 Constant Image Height display
systems to eliminate black
bars at the top and bottom of the image without adding distortion or artifacts.
It comes with
HDMI 1.3 ins/outs, but a plug-in card is planned to upgrade the device to HDMI
1.4 with full support
for 3D, 4K x 2K resolution, and HDMI Ethernet Channel.

In mid-April, the company will
ship an upgraded Evolution amplifier line called the Evolution E series,
said to improve fidelity while reducing its carbon footprint. The Evolution E series
includes the three mono amps priced from $24,000 to $50,000/pair, two stereo
amps at $12,500 and $18,500, and a $25,000 three-channel amp.

In May, the company will ship the new modular $2,500 S-350a CD player
and optional $2,000video stage, which is installable by dealers to turn the CD
player into the $4,500 1080p-up-scaling DVD player, the S-350av.