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Konka Re-Establishes Int’l Business Division

Shenzhen, China — Konka said Thursday it will reform the structure of its international business division due to an increase in international business volume.

The new structure is expected to help the company compete in “the international domestic electronics market with more initiative and more agility,” the company said.

In a statement, Konka said its has been selling Konka-branded CE products and OEM products for the past several years in nearly 100 nations and regions.

“The amount of Konka’s world trade received a 60 percent increase in 2006 compared with 2005,” the company reported. “The products of Konka spread over CRT TVs, flat panels, cellphones, fridges and DVDs. And the Konka-brand product has formed a respectable status in different markets across the world, such as Asia and the Pacific as well as the Middle East.”

Konka said it will divide its international business division into six departments: the Asia and Pacific business department, the Middle East business department, the Africa business department, the North America business department, the Latin America business department, the East Europe business department and the West Europe business department.

The six business departments will be responsible primarily for Konka’s TV business in those territories. Konka said it will also establish a “diversification products department” to reconstruct its business in other products, such as cell phones, fridges, DVDs.

“This reform suggests that Konka will focus on the various requirements of different markets. Actually, as there are establishments of overseas subsidiaries in America, Canada, Europe and the manufacturing centers in Mexico, Indonesia and Slovak, Konka has the capabilities to build up its own excellent brand in the international domestic electronics market,” the company said.

Konka said the new international business structure will help it respond to the requirements of different nations and regions more swiftly and meet the requirements more fully.

“This kind of reform will go on and it will help Konka become more competitive in the international domestic electronics market and deal with the requirement of every subdivided market well. We believe Konka will be one of the top domestic electronics suppliers of the world,” said Weidong Niu, the general manager of the Konka international business division.