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Kleer Debuts Reference Design Wireless Earphones During CES

Kleer will show at CES in booth IP209 its first reference design for small form-factor wireless earphones that achieve at least 10 hours playtime of lossless CD-quality digital stereo audio over a robust 2.4GHz radio link.

The reference design demonstrates untethered earphones, meaning there is no wire necessary between the right earphone and the left earphone. The earphones will work with any Kleer-based audio source, including portable audio/media players, home audio/theater systems and automotive systems. The reference design includes an optional adaptor for the latest-generation iPod.

The Kleer reference design for wireless earphones will provide manufacturers with the baseline set of technical information they need to bring these wireless earphones to market, including the BOM, schematics and Gerber files. Evaluation kits and the earphone reference design can be ordered by contacting Kleer.

The company will also be showcasing its audio LP line of RF wireless modules. They are engineered to combine high-quality audio and robust ISM band coexistence with low power consumption to address the full range of audio market segments. Unlike Bluetooth, Kleer’s patented subsampling radio architecture was designed from the ground up to communicate lossless CD-quality digital stereo audio over a 2.4GHz radio link, while achieving 10 times the battery life of a comparable Bluetooth solution.

Kleer’s audio LP technology is designed for consumer electronics OEMs that want to develop interoperable wireless audio products for the portable, home and automotive audio markets. Applications include portable audio/media players, iPod and other player accessories, home audio/theater systems, earphones, headphones and speakers.

The first product in the line is the KLR3012 module that integrates the company’s mixed-signal RFIC with RF passives so that little RF design expertise is required to implement a product, according to Kleer. The embedded software also offers complete and configurable functionality, enabling the implementation of products with little or no software development.

Volume production of the KLR3012 is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of this year. Pricing was not available at press time.