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Keyboard Trio Debuts From Logitech

Fremont, Calif. — Logitech announced a trio of keyboards today, including one that is illuminated. 

The Illuminated keyboard from Logitech features microlens reflectors, a multilayer painting process and laser etching, which, the company said, creates a backlight that is brighter, sharper and easier to read.

Its ultra-slim design reportedly has a transparent frame and measures 0.37 inches from base to frame. Other features include a full-size key layout with a number pad, soft-touch palm rest, a full row of F keys, media- and volume-control keys, and the company’s PerfectStroke Key System.

The PerfectStroke Key System is engineered to create longer key travel than that of typical notebook keyboards — 3.2 mm compared to 2.2 mm. As a result, Logitech said, the distance a user’s fingers have to travel to activate a key is optimized for comfort. Micro-scissors distribute force evenly across key surfaces, so even if users strike the edge of a key, the key stroke still feels the same, it said.  

The Illuminated keyboard will be available in October for $79.99.

The second keyboard announced, the diNovo for notebooks, offers a full-size layout with number pad and the company’s PerfectStroke Key System.

It measures 0.87 inches from base to key caps and has a glossy black finish and brushed-aluminum palm rest. It reportedly also has 2.4GHz wireless technology and a three-year battery life.

Scheduled to be available in October, the diNovo has a $99.99 suggested retail.

Finally, the S520 cordless desktop keyboard is designed with rounded edges and a gently curved palm rest. It comes with a cordless laser mouse with a recorded battery life of up to eight months; the keyboard’s battery life is said to be 15 months.

Features of the S520 include one-touch access to Microsoft Word, Excel and an Internet browser, and four programmable F keys. The desktop set retails for a suggested $59.99 and will be available this month.