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Kane Forms HD Education Joint Venture

Fairfield, N.J. – Joe Kane Productions and The DVD Acquisition and Development Group said they have entered into a strategic joint venture to create home theater calibration programming and education for consumers and industry professionals.

The resulting organization, known as Joe Kane Productions International (JKPI), which is based here, is comprised of a content division and a certification and education division.

“There is a significant amount of confusion in the developing HD market,” stated Joe Kane, Joe Kane Productions and Joe Kane Productions International president. “Customer dissatisfaction with improperly configured equipment necessitates a reevaluation of processes currently in place to ensure proper design and calibration of High Definition home theater systems.

“Our goal is to establish a certification mark of quality that consumers will associate with best-designed home theater system components and most-capable calibrations professionals.”

The first JKPI release is slated to street Oct. 30, 2007. “Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics on HD DVD and Blu-ray disc” is targeted at novices and aficionados and provides easy-to-use calibration tests and setup instructions for getting the most out of an HDTV set. It also provides background information on high definition systems.

HD Basics is slated for release on Oct. 30, 2007. To learn more about Digital Video Essentials: HD Basics, and JKPI, click here.