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JVC Rolls Out First AVCHD Camcorders

Wayne, N.J. — JVC will ship its first high-definition Everio camcorders based on the AVCHD codec to dealers in August, including two models that record both MPEG-2 and AVCHD video.


he company introduced three hard-disk-drive-based HD camcorders in all. The new models record using x.v. Color technology and feature HDMI V1.3 connections that output a 1080p/60 fps signal to HDTVs.

The 120GB GZ-HD40 and 80GB GZ-HD30 feature a 2.8-inch wide-angle LCD and record 1,920 by 1080 video in both the AVCHD and MPEG-2 codecs. The HD40, for $1,299, can store up to 50 hours of AVCHD video in EP mode and ships with a docking station. The HD30 will retail for $999.

The $799 HD10 features a 40GB HDD and records only in the AVCHD format at 1,440 by 1080, with the ability to up-convert the video during playback to 1,920 by 1080/60p via HDMI. It features a slightly smaller 2.7-inch LCD screen.

The three camcorders feature new CMOS sensors with a proprietary interpolation technology, JVC said. The company also improved its Gigabred processing engine, boosting its horizontal scan resolution by 20 percent vs. an earlier version, JVC said.

The new Everios offer a 0.08-second recording lag and a 0.6-second start-up time. They incorporate two new video organizing features including “Intelligent Grouping,” which organizes video stored in the camcorder into groupings of up to 1,000 scenes. A related “Digest Playback” feature can automatically generate a video montage of scenes copied to a DVD.

The camcorders will be bundled with CyberLink PC software for editing, storing, playing back and authoring Blu-ray discs. The HD40/30 will include a Mac plug-in for using MPEG-2 video in iMovie HD 6 and Final Cut Pro 5/6 software.

The new models can also connect to the accessory JVC Share Stations.