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JVC Projectors Get THX 3D Certification

Wayne, N.J. –


said Tuesday
that four D-ILA projectors recently unveiled at CEDIA Expo have qualified as
the world’s first projectors to gain THX 3D Display certification.

The four projectors will be available later this month and
include the DLA-RS60/DLA-X9 models carrying $11,995 suggested retails each, and
the DLA-RS50/DLA-X7 carrying $7,995 suggested retails, each. The RS or
Reference Series models are carried by JVC’s Professional Products Group, while
the X7 and X9 models are carried by JVC U.S.A’s consumer business unit.

The models were still undergoing THX testing at the time of CEDIA
Expo and could not be announced as certified at that time, JVC said.

During the certification process, more than 400 laboratory tests
were conducted, evaluating color accuracy, cross-talk, viewing angles and video
processing to ensure the high quality 3D and 2D display performance that home
theater enthusiasts demand.

The JVC projectors have one button solutions for optimized
playback of 3D and 2D movies – THX Cinema Mode to ensure that color
reproduction, luminance, blacks, gamma and video processing matches what the
filmmaker intended, and THX 3D Cinema Mode, which extends this same level of
accuracy for 3D broadcasts and Blu-ray Discs, the company said.

THX 3D Cinema Mode is designed to deliver highly accurate color
in 3D, while minimizing sources of cross-talk and flicker, JVC said.  All THX modes on JVC projectors can be
accessed by THX professional calibrators.

Besides the four THX Certified models, JVC announced two
additional new 3D-enabled projectors, the DLA-RS40 and DLA-X3, also to be
available later this month at $4,495 each.

Both offer 50,000:1 native contrast ratio, come with a two-year
warranty and are compatible with JVC’s PK-AG1 active shutter 3D Glasses and
PK-EM1 3D Signal emitter (sold separately).

The PK-AG1 3D glasses ($179) and PK-EM1 3D signal emitter ($79)
will also be available in late November, JVC said.