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JVC Kenwood Almost Back To Normal After Quake

Tokyo – JVC Kenwood Holdings said Friday several of its domestic facilities
were damaged in the March 11 earthquake, but repairs have been made to most
sites and business had resumed by Monday.

No employees were injured, but the company said it continues to
monitor reports on the status of employee family members who have been out of
contact since the tragedy.

Company sales and service offices in Sendai, Miyagi prefecture,
and some warehouses operated for JVC Kenwood by third-party contractors took on
more serious damage, and repairs are continuing, the company said.

Minor damage occurred in some domestic offices, including the
head office in the Yokohama Business District, Hachioji, Maebashi and Hakusan
Business Center, and production facilities in Yokosuka Business Center,
Yamagata and Nagano.

Repairs were made to those operations by March 13 and work resumed
March 14, as the company coped with rolling blackouts and transportation

JVC Kenwood Holdings said it established response headquarters
soon after the earthquake to confirm the safety of company personnel, the
families and other parties, and to collect damage reports on company

To assist in the national rescue efforts, the company donated 200
land mobile radios and 100 license-free receivers manufactured by Kenwood to
give hardest-hit victims an alternate means of communication without relying on
public infrastructure, the company said.

The company said it continues to monitor progress as operations
resume to normal and will make an announcement should any significant effect on
business results occur.