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J&R Closes Macy’s Express Shop, For Now

New York – J&R Music & Computer World said it closed its six-year-old Express shop in Macy’s Herald Square last week due to ongoing store construction.

The 3,500-square-foot satellite store, located in Macy’s vaunted housewares Cellar, carried a tightly edited selection of A/V, digital imaging, software and mobile products.

According to J&R spokesman Abe Brown, construction on the department store’s first and Cellar levels interfered with the Express shop’s operation. “We are taking a hiatus,” he told TWICE, and may reopen the boutique in the future. “It’s a strong possibility,” he said, as the shop represented “a nice business.” J&R and Macy’s maintain a good relationship, he added, and will continue to run joint promotions in the interim.

Macy’s has not responded to queries regarding plans for the Express space or sales of CE at its flagship store.

The J&R shop was the third venue to sell CE through leased Cellar space, following short-lived stints in the early 2000s by The Sharper Image and an electronics boutique called The Experience. The department store chain also piloted a CE vending machine program in the late 2000s.