Jaguar To Use Audyssey MultEQ


Los Angeles - Audyssey said Jaguar Cars will become the first auto manufacturer to introduce a car tuned with Audyssey's MultEQ XT technology.

Volvo also announced last year it will use MultEQ in its cars but has not yet announced a specific car to incorporate the technology.

MultEQ is also used in millions of home theaters and in Alpine aftermarket car sound processors. It adjusts a sound system to the particular acoustics of a vehicle (or room).  The technology will be offered in a newly announced 2010 Jaguar XJ line of luxury cars that have been designed and tuned using MultEQ XT technology.

"MultEQ is based on years of research to measure and remove the key factors that cause acoustical distortion," said Chris Kyriakakis, Audyssey chief technical officer and founder. "Our algorithms are the first in the industry to automatically adjust for the problems in the acoustical environment, and now we are bringing that technology from the home theater to cars."

Audyssey said it will offer additional announcements this year regarding expanding its technology beyond home theater.

MultEQ uses information captured at multiple locations throughout the car cabin to correct for both time and frequency response problems caused by speaker placement and reflections. The soundstage is rendered as it is in the original recording, it claimed.


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