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iSimple Intro’s WiFli iPhone App for Car

Clearwater, Fla. -Aamp of America, under its iSimple
brand, is launching an iPhone app that works with a car kit to wirelessly play
music from an iPhone through a car radio.

The free “WiFli” app works with a new $99 WiFli car kit, both to
ship in early November.  The app converts
the iPhone or iPod Touch into an FM transmitter that automatically scans the
car radio for an unused FM station. 
Users then tune their radio to the same station, and install the WiFli
kit to “stream” music through the car’s sound system from the iPhone using FM

The WiFli kit includes a snap on FM transponder for the iPhone
and a remote control that straps to the car steering wheel.  It also charges the iPhone. The WiFli also
works without the app for use with standard iPods through a software download
from or
without the need for a download if the user has an RDS car radio.

The WiFli iPod car kit was first
shown last January
and slated to ship in March (without the iPhone app) and
was delayed until November.

Also under the iSimple label is an OmniWire car iPhone/iPod car
kit to be released by the end of the year that charges and connects the iPhone
to a car radio that has an auxiliary input jack.  The $59 cable plugs into the auxiliary input
and then connects to the car’s cigarette lighter jack.

iSimple is also planning several “StrongHold” car mounting kits
that affix to the windshield or dash for simple mounting of iPhone and other
portable devices in the car, it said.