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iPhone Impacts Motorola

Rockville, Md. — A survey by ChangeWave Research of early adopters who plan to purchase a cellphone in the next six months found that 16 percent say they will buy an iPhone.

In addition, Motorola is experiencing the strongest impact from iPhone sales, while Research in Motion (RIM) remains unscathed, said the research firm.

ChangeWave focuses on spotting shifts in various markets by regularly surveying a group of IT professionals whose buying habits are considered early trend indicators. More than 3,000 IT professionals participated in the July iPhone study.

In April, prior to the iPhone’s launch, 17 percent of those surveyed planned to buy a Motorola cellphone. By July, after the iPhone’s launch, that percentage fell to 14 percent. During the same time period the planned purchase figures rose for both the iPhone (from 13 percent, to 16 percent) and RIM (from 10 percent, to 13 percent). 

Also AT&T’s share of planned purchases rose 1 percent and Verizon’s dropped by 1 percent, marking the first time in more than a year Verizon’s market share (29 percent) registered a decline.  AT&T is the exclusive provider of service for the iPhone.

Finally, of those who had already purchased an iPhone (1 percent of the respondents), 77 percent were “very satisfied” with the unit.

ChangeWave concluded, “After all the hype and anticipation surrounding the iPhone, our survey results show that Apple’s newest device is delivering.” It added, “No company is bearing the brunt of this transformation more than Motorola.”

Question Asked:
For those of you who plan on purchasing/upgrading to a new cell phone in the next 6 months, which company is the most likely manufacturer of the phone you’ll eventually purchase? (n=755)