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Installers Get New zBoost Cellphone-Booster Option

Norcross, Ga. –


launched a zBoost cellular-signal extender
system targeted to custom installers for use in large homes and commercial

 The system consists of a dual-band (800/1900MHz)
active antenna amplifier that can be mounted next to an external antenna that in
turn is mounted in the attic or on the roof. The amplifier connects via RG-6
cable to as many as four zBoost base units, each in different locations in the
house. Each base unit comes with an attached to communicate with handheld
cellphones. Each base unit can be placed more than 250 feet away from the
external antenna.

 Previously, installers who wanted to improve
signal coverage in large homes had to use multiple zBoost external antennas,
each connected via coax to its own base unit. Installers also had fewer
base-unit placement options because the maximum distance from the external
antenna to the base unit was 75 feet, the company said.

“No other
booster manufacturer offers a similar device,” said Wi-Ex CEO Lloyd R.

Pricing wasn’t

Wi-Ex also markets the $399-suggested
zBoost 510 and the $299 zBoost Metro, which is designed for single-story
applications, including apartments, because it does not require vertical
separation of 8 to 15 feet between the antenna and the base unit.