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InstallerNet Buys Victory

North Andover, Mass.. — InstallerNet purchased Victory Technologies, a car stereo installation software company for an undisclosed sum on October 17, it said.

InstallerNet sells pre-paid installation for car stereo and home electronics through a network of 1,700 dealers around the country. If customers shop at a store such as Wal-Mart or Costco that lacks an installation department, they can buy a pre-paid card there, resembling a gift card, and then take the product to a nearby location for installation.

Victory Technologies personnel will now move to InstallerNet headquarters. Bob Fields formerly CEO of Victory Technoloiges becomes InstallerNet VP of mobile electronics. Kris Bulla, formerly Victory president and COO becomes InstallerNet director of Pro Team operations. Pro Team is a network of branded InstallerNet vans that go into the field “like Snap on Tool” trucks to explain new programs to retailers and offer retailer training, said InstallerNet president and CEO Tony Fragiosa. The company is expanding from five to ten vans by the end of the year.

InstallerNet sells up to 8,000 installations per month through Wal-Mart, Costco, Crutchfield, Radio Shack, Target, eBay, Amazon, Newegg and other retailers. Ninety percent of the installations are car stereo items, and the rest are in home audio and video and computers. It also has a MobileToys division which sells software similar to that of Victory Technologies, which sells installation fit guides to Best Buy and other locations.