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Ingram Micro Adds Klegg

Las Vegas – Klegg Electronics signed an agreement with Global Marketing Partners (GMP) to access the Ingram Express Global Distribution Program, the companies said.

The program is designed to assist new manufacturers in entering the Ingram Micro vendor network. Klegg Electronics, a new vendor of both step-up and mainstream A/V products, will have access to Ingram Micro’s distribution, logistics and retailer customer base.

Klegg said it plans to begin the relationship by offering its Media Center Television through the program. The Media Center Television allows viewers to download movies, television shows and music from the Internet; perform DVR functions and record programs to DVDs or CDs.

The Klegg Media Center Television will appear online and in retail stores through the Ingram Express Distribution Program later this month.

Klegg’s new Genesis brand flat-panel televisions, Klegg Mini MP3 player, and other soon to be announced products will also be part of the Ingram Express Global Distribution Program beginning in late January 2007, the company said.

Klegg’s Genesis brand features the same quality components and performance as Klegg Electronics, but is geared to a broader consumer electronics market with lower pricing and an expanded retail distribution program.

Dennis Gentles, CEO of Klegg Electronics said, “Over the past year Klegg has worked to lay the groundwork to support the January 2007 Genesis launch through strategic alliances, technological acquisitions and marketing initiatives. We view the Ingram Express Global Distribution Program as a key component in Klegg’s successful expansion of its retail distribution network.”