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Inada Introduces Massage Chair At Int’l CES

Inada will be showcasing new massage chair models at CES in the Sands, booth 69848. The Inada, suggested retail $8,500, uses a system of expanding and contracting air bags to mimic the motions of a masseur. Its design includes a pair of digital surround-sound speakers built in to the headrest, which can be connected to a home theater system. There is also a matching love seat available with an suggested retail of $8,000. The Inada Relax Robo, suggested retail $12,000, uses voice-recognition technology to allow users to make vocal commands to the chair similar to the commands they would use for a human masseuse. The Robostic has a suggested retail of $7,499 and features a joystick that allows users to control and customize their massage. The company says it was designed by the same person who designed the X-Box console. Users can save up to three custom-designed massage patterns, each lasting up to five minutes.