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iHome Adding Quartet Of Speaker Docks

Rahway, N.J. – A
quartet of new iPod-docking speaker systems from

SDI Technologies

includes a model
designed for the kitchen and a folding AC/DC travel alarm clock.

All are certified
as Made for iPod and Works with iPhone.

The kitchen
speaker is the $99 P39, which has begun shipping with such kitchen-oriented
features as a magnet-mount remote control, two timers for cooking, kitchen
aesthetics, and easy-to-clean surfaces, the company said. The dock retracts for
protection when not in use. A time sync feature sets the embedded clock to an iPhone’s
time, and a USB port charges devices such as cellphones.

The P39 also
features FM radio, clock-radio functions, and wake or sleep to iPhone, iPod or
FM. Its preset clock lets consumers set the time by choosing a time zone. A universal
voltage adapter is included.

For indoor and
outdoor use, SDI plans this month to ship the $99 iP46 portable rechargeable
speaker system with SRS TruBass circuitry, two active and two passive speakers,
retracting dock, and AC/DC operation with internal rechargeable lithium-ion

A higher priced
AC/DC portable, due in mid-June, is the $159 iP49 rechargeable travel clock
radio,  which folds flat like a laptop
and features FM, NXT’s flat-panel speaker technology, 20-watt output, line-in
jack, internal rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and battery backup to ensure
alarm wakeup times.  It also features Bongiovi
Acoustics digital signal processing to restore detail to compressed music.
Other features include ability to wake to FM, iPhone or iPod music at different
times on different days with the products’ 7-5-2 feature, which lets users set
a wake-up time for the full week or just the work week, with the option to
program a separate wake-up time for the weekend.

The iP49’s sync
button syncs the embedded clock to iPhone time. The device also features bass
and treble controls, adjustable EQ, programmable snooze time in seconds and
universal voltage adapter.

Another alarm
clock is an upgraded iP90 dual-alarm AM/FM clock radio, already shipping at the
same $99 price as its predecessor but adding new features, including a larger
display. The speaker system features bass, treble and balance controls. Other features
include a preset clock, which lets consumers set the time by choosing a time
zone, and ability to wake to AM, FM, or to an iPhone or iPod. It also syncs its
embedded clock to iPhone time.

At least one of
the products


at January’s International CES.