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iBiquity Launches HD Radio Rebates

Columbia, Md. — HD Radio developer iBiquity Digital hopes to stimulate HD Radio sales with mail-in rebates of $25 and $50 on 20 models of home and car models.

The rebate program, running from Oct. 12 to Jan. 14, applies to tabletop radios and car connector adapters, bringing the price of more products under the $200 level.

Although “retail prices of HD Radio receivers have fallen substantially” in the past year, iBiquity president/CEO Robert Struble, the holiday rebate program “will help more consumers enjoy the HD Radio experience.”

The following products are eligible for a $25 rebate:

Accurian (RadioShack) (HDTTR), DICE (HD-BMW-T, HD-Toyota, HD-GM-R, and HD-Honda-R3), Directed (DMHD-1000), JVC (KD-HDR1), Kenwood (KTC-HR100TR), Metra (AHOT-01), Peripheral (PHDR2), and Sangean (HDT-1 Component HD Radio Tuner)

The following are eligible for a $50 rebate:

ADA (Suite 8100 Receiver, TuneSuite DuoTune AM/FM Tuner and Tune Suite Quadritune) with HDM-1 module, Alpine (DVA-9965 and TUA-T500HD), Boston Acoustics (Recepter Radio HD), Cambridge SoundWorks Radio (820HD and 850 HD), Denon Electronics (DRA-697CI HD), Directed (DHHD-1000), Integra (TUN 3.7, DTR 10.5 and Onkyo NR-1000) with C-HDXM HD Radio Card, Niles Audio (IntelliControl) with ICS TM-HD/R, Panasonic (CQ-CB8901U), Polk Audio (I-Sonic Entertainment System), Rotel (RT 1084) and Sangean (HDR-1 tabletop Radio)

For consumers, details and rules about this offer are available at

More than 1,000 U.S. stations are on the air within earshot of 90 percent of the population, and more than 400 of the stations are multicasting a second audio program.

HD Radio technology is also being tested and adopted in such countries as Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Indonesia, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Switzerland, Thailand and the Ukraine.