I3DS Japan Committee Forms


Tokyo - The Japan Committee of the International 3D Society (I3DS) kicked off activities at Waseda University here Thursday to promote the steady growth of stereoscopic 3D technologies and content creation through education, awareness-raising and recognition activities.

Helping to direct the effort is committee chair Professor Takashi Kawai.

While working with I3DS committees in the U.S., Asia and Europe, the I3DS Japan Committee aims to improve the art and technology of 3D content and to support the development of 3D industry specialists through cooperation with related companies and organizations in Japan, a statement from the committee saied.

Jim Chabin, I3DS president and CEO, said, "We are very happy to see the founding of the I3DS Japan Committee. We look forward to the realization of a 3D education curriculum and an awards program for Japan that have been localized based on the experience of the 3D University in the U.S., and at the same time, we expect to see collaboration between 3D University activities around the world."

Asia Committee chair Masayuki Kozuka, from Panasonic, said, "there has been a rapid increase in interest in 3D productions in Asia as well, and it is very significant that these kinds of activities have begun in Japan. I3DS will contribute toward the expansion and popularization of appealing 3D content through these activities."

Committee chair Kawai said, "We would like to engage in new efforts toward safe and appealing 3D content creation from the perspective of both users and creators."

The committee said with the recent growth in interest in stereoscopic 3D technologies and content production, "the expansion of good 3D content and its improvement in quality are important issues for the further popularization of 3D."

The committee will work to develop specialists in 3D content production, distribute information on proper 3D viewing, and present awards for outstanding 3D productions.

The committee plans on gathering members from industry and educational organizations involved in 3D content, content production studios, broadcasters and manufacturers of content production devices in Japan.

It also intends to promote activities in cooperation with the U.S.-based I3DS organization and other regional I3DS committees that are launching activities in Asia and Europe.

The I3DS was established in the U.S. in 2009, and has grown its membership to more than 400 companies and organizations involved in the art and technology of producing 3D content.

The society is actively engaged in various activities, including education through the 3D University and the operation of the Lumiere Award program for 3D content and technology.

The Japan, Korea and China Committees of I3DS belong to the society's Asia Committee. I3DS is expected to contribute to the steady development of 3D-content markets worldwide


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