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hhgregg Renews Circuit City Promo

Indianapolis — hhgregg has extended its Circuit City gift card promotion for a fourth time and has added the bankrupt chain’s credit cards to the offer.

Effective today, customers who present Circuit City gift cards or credit cards of any value will receive $50 off a purchase of $299 or more at any hhgregg store. The offer will be available through May 31 and is not applicable online.

The multiregional chain was among the first to make a play for Circuit City’s market share by offering to honor its gift cards after the first wave of store closings were announced last fall. In the original promotion, the gift card’s value was honored toward up to 20 percent of the total purchase price. The offer was extended three times, most recently until April 1, one day after Circuit City’s final liquidation date.

“We are extending this discount as a way to demonstrate hhgregg’s superior customer service and to assist those who may still hold gift cards or credit cards from Circuit City,” said marketing VP Jeff Pearson. “We realize that many customers still have gift cards and credit cards and we want to be able to provide a value for those customers and an opportunity to experience our selection of top quality appliances, electronics and mattresses.”

Other retailers, including Best Buy and the Brand Source buying group, have mounted similar programs.

hhgregg operates 110 stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, South Carolina and Tennessee, making it the nation’s second-largest CE and appliance specialty chain.