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Anaheim, Calif. - Home Entertainment Source (HES) is reporting the successful rollout of a new vendor-funded channel marketing program.

The effort, coordinated through Revenew Systems, provides members of the specialty A/V buying group with turnkey advertising campaigns funded by select HES manufacturers.

 "Most dealers are short on two resources: time and money," explained Andy Orozco, communications director of HES, a division of BrandSource. "With Revenew's marketing network and services as an added benefit, our members will get turnkey support to run campaigns so they don't have to sacrifice either. These campaigns literally take just a couple of minutes to activate."

 The program, piloted during the fourth quarter of 2011 and formally launched in February, provides dealers with complete ad campaigns, access to e-newsletters, Facebook/social media page design and campaigns, and customer-database build-out and list management, saving them time and money.

Members can also take advantage of an electronic flyer created in conjunction with HES's Expert Warehouse fulfillment program to promote warehouse-negotiated product lines and pricing unique to HES.

Providing members with an array of turnkey marketing tools frees them up to focus on selling and serving the customer.

 Early users have reported positive results. "We have already seen a significant boost in sales directly attributable to the program and can even measure success with [Revenew's] precise-tracking programs," said Vance Pflanz, owner of Pflanz Electronics. "It's really a win-win for members."

Similarly, HES president and Starpower CEO David Pidgeon "is very satisfied with Revenew's network and services. It's great to be connected to the manufacturers we carry and be able to easily access branded campaign materials." He added that Revenew provides helps with all aspects of a strong marketing program, from database building to running lead-generating campaigns. "I would recommend them to anyone looking to enhance their growth through better marketing, especially leveraging digital media," he said.

 To date, more than half of HES members have signed up for the program, which featured first-quarter ad campaigns from Marantz, Integra and Samsung. HES is in the process of negotiating several more ad campaigns for the second quarter, the group said, and will conduct and informational webinar with Revenew on Thursday, April 26. Members will receive up to $850 in marketing funds for participating in the webinar and signing up for the Revenew channel marketing network.

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