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Headphones $199 to $299 – Harman Kardon Soho

Eschewing the traditional, uber-replicated circle ear cups, the Harman Kardon Soho headphones from Harman International Industries aim to instead appeal to the style-minded, audio-attentive and convenience-conscious consumer.

Available in black, white or Camel, the Soho headphones feature a genuine leather and stainless- steel construction with rectangular ear cups housing 30mm drivers. They can fold flat down to less than 1.5 inches, according to the company, allowing them to fit inside the included travel pouch.

The headphones have a detachable cable, and consumers can choose between one with an iOS-compatible in-line mic and remote, or one with an Android-compatible mic and remote.

Noted Michael Mauser, president of Harman Lifestyle, at the time of the headphones’ launch: “Our new Harman Kardon Soho headphones aren’t just about outstanding sound alone. They make an unmistakable visual design statement, as well as being remarkably convenient to use and travel with.”