GPS Tracker Designed For Senior Citizens

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Hermosa Beach, Calif. -


, a provider of personal GPS tracking devices for kids and pets, has developed a personal GPS tracking device for senior citizens.

The $187 2.5-ounce MobileProtector incorporates a cellphone, assisted-GPS, pre-programmed 911 button, and three other programmable speed-dial buttons. The preprogrammed buttons enable seniors to call emergency personnel, doctors or family in an emergency.

The wearable device also delivers speed and inactivity alerts via text message, email or web to caregivers.  Speed alerts can be programmed to alert family members when the user is driving at a speed exceeding a preset level.

The device also alerts caregivers if a user with dementia or Alzheimer's disease crosses virtual borders set up through a secure online account.

 Unlike senior-citizen personal-safety devices that work only when the wearer is near a home phone, said SecuraTrak CEO Chris Holber, "LifeTrac is the only solution available on the market today that seniors can carry with them in the house and around town and know they can contact family, friends or physicians with the push of one button in an emergency." The device works in cellular networks in more than 120 countries, he added.

The company called MobileProtector the first personal GPS locator to incorporate cellular-based assisted-GPS technology to help locate users in areas where GPS satellite signals are weak or blocked. Assisted GPS also accelerates the time to first fix (TTFF), or the time it takes for the device to determine its GPS location after being turned on.

Service plans start at $47.99 per month.

The device is available on SecuraTrak's website, and the company is working on distribution through major wireless retailers.

 The company's SecuraPal Guardian solution is designed for children and pets and lacks cellular capability.


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