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GoldenEar Adds Passive Soundbar, Center Channels

Denver — GoldenEar Technology is expanding its passive soundbar and center-channel speaker selection with the launch of a wider three-channel soundbar and two larger center-channel speakers.

  The soundbar is the $1,499 SuperCinema 3D Array XL, which ships in the spring to join the $999 3D Array. The center channels are the $599 SuperCenter X and the $799 SuperCenter XL. They ship in October.

 The shelf- and wall-mountable 3D Array XL is designed for TVs that are 70 inches and larger, whereas the current soundbar is designed for TVs that are 50 inches and larger. Both models feature interaural crosstalk cancellation technology to deliver a wide, deep and immersive soundfield even when used without surround speakers, the company said.

 The new soundbar measures 4.75 inches by 62 inches by 2.75 inches. The current bar is 49 inches wide.

 The new soundbar’s cabinet is made of aerospace-grade extruded aluminum with piano-gloss-black finish and with marble-powder-infused baffle and end-caps. The cabinet incorporates left-, center- and right-channel speakers and a second set of drivers whose 3D Array Technology cancels out interaural crosstalk distortion between the left and right channels. The technology widens and deepens the soundstage and increases its height to create a 180-degree-plus soundfield, the company said.

 The 3D Array XL incorporates eight GoldenEar cast spiderleg-basket 4.5-inch bass-midrange drivers with Multi-Vaned Phase Plugs (MVPP), which extend midrange response smoothly at higher frequencies, the company said. Three tweeters incorporate the company’s High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) technology, which delivers the dynamic range and smooth extended response of large flat ribbon tweeters because of the design’s ability to push air at higher velocities than traditional ribbon tweeters. They also deliver wider dispersion than ribbon tweeters.

 The center channel section of the soundbar consists of four bass/midrange drivers arranged around the HVFR tweeter, two on each side, in a two-stage D’Appolito array to deliver greater dynamic range, deeper response, and wider dispersion, the company said. In that design, the two bass/midrange drivers closest to the tweeter operate at frequencies all the way up to meet the tweeter, and the other two bass/midrange drivers roll off at 800Hz, the company explained.

 The left and right channels consist of one bass/midrange driver and tweeter.

 An additional bass/midrange driver on the extreme left and right of the baffle are used for interaural crosstalk cancellation.

  Recommended amplification is 20 to 250 watts per channel. Frequency response is 80Hz to 35kHz. And efficiency is rated at 91dB.

 In center-channel speakers, the company is adding the $599-each SuperCenter X and $799 SuperCenter XL to meet dealer and consumer requests for “more substantial” center channel speakers, the company said. The company’s current models are more compact SuperSat center channels with on-wall and on-bracket mounting options.

 The new models are designed to match the Triton tower and Aon bookshelf speakers both sonically and cosmetically. Both incorporate a D’Appolito driver array with two newly developed long-throw 5.25-inch bass/midrange drivers flanking an HVFR tweeter. The 5.25-inch drivers incorporate multi-vaned phase plugs and spiderleg cast baskets, said to minimize internal reflections. Both also feature top-mounted pressure-coupled quadratic planar low-frequency radiators to extend bass response and provide the bass/midrange drivers with ideal acoustic loading and damping, the company said.

 The SCX incorporates one 7- by 10-inch planar radiator, and the SCXL comes with two 6.75- by 8-inch radiators.

 They deliver greater dynamic range and deeper bass extension than the current center channels, which remain in the line, the company said.

 The SuperCenter X measures 5.75 by 20 by 11 inches and delivers a frequency response of 45Hz to 35kHz. Efficiency is 90dB. Recommended amplifier power is 20 to 200 watts.

 The SuperCenter XL measures 5.75 by 29 by 11 inches and delivers a frequency response of 36Hz to 35kHz. Efficiency is 91dB. Recommended amplifier power is 20 to 250 watts.

 GoldenEar products are sold through more than 200 specialty dealers in the U.S. and Canada. The line is also exported to 25 markets.