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Glitch Hobbles Several Sony Still Cameras

San Diego — Fresh on the heels of a highly publicized burning battery recall, Sony announced that eight camera models could suffer from faulty image sensors.

The problem involves the bonding on the CCD and results in an inability to properly display images on the camera’s LCD screen. A similar issue arose in October 2005, and involved not just Sony cameras but Sony-manufactured CCDs used in third-party digital cameras.

A Sony spokesperson said the company was not aware of any issues in third-party cameras this time around, adding that the problem is more likely to rear its head in hot and humid climates and impacts a very small fraction of models sold in the United States.

The issue plagues several models in the popular T-series, including the T1, T33 and the F88, M1, U40 and U50, all of which were sold between September 2003, and January 2005. The T3 and T11 were also impacted but were not sold in the U.S.

Sony is offering a free repair for affected models but is not issuing a recall, as some reports indicated.

The bonding used in the company’s CCDs has been changed, the spokesperson said.