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Glenn Beck’s `TheBlaze’ Channel

New York – Satellite TV service Dish said it will carry controversial political pundit Glenn Beck’s internet-based 24-hour news, information and entertainment network – “TheBlaze” – starting at 5 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, on channel 212.

The deal for television coverage will be “exclusive” to Dish at launch, the channel said.

Channel producers claim the year-old “TheBlaze” is one of the “world’s most subscribed-to online streaming networks.”

Speakers on the network have included: Will Cain, SE Cupp, Lu Hanessian, Amy Holmes, Raj Nair, Brian Sack, Buck Sexton and Andrew Wilkow.

TheBlaze joins Dish’s selection of news and commentary programming representing all points on the political spectrum, including: MSNBC, BBC America, CNN, Current, Comedy Central and FOX News.

TheBlaze channel will be available as part of Dish’s America’s Top 250 package or a la carte for $5 a month.

It will be available as a free preview for all Dish customers through Sept. 26.

TheBlaze will continue to be available direct to consumers through its online subscription platform as TheBlaze TV on and various Internet-connected devices.

“After being phenomenally successful with his online streaming network, we’re pleased to host Glenn Beck’s return to broadcast TV, especially during this exciting and important political season,” said Dish CEO and president Joseph Clayton. “With Glenn’s return, DISH is truly the one stop for news, opinion and perspective across the full political spectrum.”

Glenn Beck added: “TheBlaze has helped revolutionize television over the Internet and now we are excited to bring the revolution back to traditional television. TheBlaze will be home to news, information and entertainment programming with the facts and stories people care about most and we look forward to kicking things off with Dish.”