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Fujifilm Unveils Retail Digital Printing Campaign

Orlando- In an effort build awareness among consumers about the availability of digital print fulfillment services at retailers, Fujifilm launched its ‘Digital Camera Developing’ marketing program, at the PMA show.

Fujifilm has a two-tiered strategy for helping both retailers and photo labs increase sales, develop new profit centers and meet the growing demand for digital imaging products and services.

The first tier involves Fujifilm’s ‘Digital Camera Developing’ marketing campaign designed to help retailers educate digital camera owners about their digital printing options at retail. It includes a Point-of-Sale and Promotion Package available to all Frontier Digital Lab Systems, Aladdin Digital Photo Center and Printpix DigiCam Picture Center self-service imaging kiosk owners.

The second tier refers to Fujifilm’s range of printing solutions targeted to various types of retailers. For retailers looking to take their ‘first step’ into making prints from digital cameras with a small investment, Fujifilm offers two stand-alone systems: the just-introduced Printpix DigiCam Picture Center 1000 and Printpix DigiCam Picture Center 600.

Formerly known as the Aladdin DigiCam Picture Centers, the new ‘Printpix’ name is being applied to Fujifilm’s Thermo-Autochrome printers worldwide. The Printpix DigiCam Picture Center 1000 self-service kiosk accepts print orders from various forms of digital media, including SmartMedia, CompactFlash, Memory Stick or Secure Digital (SD). It produces 4 x 6-inch and 6 x 8-inch borderless prints without chemicals, inks, toners or ribbons.